Mirabelle Buttersfield (Claire Danes – Les Miserables and Romeo + Juliet) is a young woman from Vermont who works at the glove counter at Saxs Fifth Avenue in Los Angeles. New to Los Angeles, she is lonely and bored with her life. An aspiring artist who is only working to Continue Reading

Aeon Flux

In the year 2011 an industrial disease all but wipes out human kind save a few. In the year 2411, these few live in a walled in city named Bregna provided to them by the Goodchild family. The humans are told that nature has taken over the world and that Continue Reading

Match Point

May I have your attention please? Woody Allen is back!! Match Point represents his best work in years. The direction, the script and the acting are all top notch. Allen was definitely in a rut where he would make films every so often, but they were invariably just variations on Continue Reading

Grandma’s Boy

Alex (Allen Covert – Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer), is a 35-year-old pot smoking video game tester, who gets evicted from his apartment because his roommate was spending the rent money on hookers. After a botched attempt to crash at his co-worker Jeff's (Nick Swardson – Almost Famous, Malibu's Most Continue Reading

The Ringer

This, the latest offering by slapstick comedic producers Bobby and Peter Farrelly may catch some of you off guard. Throw Johnny Knoxville ("Jackass") into the mix as a guy pretending to be a mentally challenged special Olympian named Jeffy and you would probably expect a film packed with inappropriate vulgarities Continue Reading