Grandma’s Boy

Alex (Allen Covert – Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer), is a 35-year-old pot smoking video game tester, who gets evicted from his apartment because his roommate was spending the rent money on hookers. After a botched attempt to crash at his co-worker Jeff's (Nick Swardson – Almost Famous, Malibu's Most Wanted) house, Alex ends up moving in with his Grandma Lilly (Doris Roberts – The Rose, Barefoot in the Park) and her two friends, Bea (Shirley Knight – As Good As It Gets, Colour of Night) and Grace (Shirley Jones – the mother on televisions 'The Patridge Family). Samantha (Linda Cardellini – Brokeback Mountain, Scooby Doo) has been hired by his boss, Mr. Cheezle (Kevin Nealon – Daddy Day Care, Anger Management), to help Brainasium put out the video game, 'Death Slayer 3', on time. Alex tries to get his testing done while developing his own video game called 'Demonik' at night. Which proves to be easier said than done because since Alex got them cable, Grandma Lilly and her friends are obsessed with watching 'Antiques Roadshow'. Alex tries to console genius video game developer J.P. (Joel Moore – Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story), who everyone at the company teases because he dresses like he is a cast member of 'The Matrix' and talks like a robot; but he ends up getting double-crossed and has to prove himself.

Old School, Van Wilder, Deuce Bigelow, these are examples of the types of films that I just don't get (the appeal or humour) and don't understand why they are popular. If films like Terms of Endearment, In Her Shoes and The Notebook can be classified as 'chick flicks' then the above mentioned films are 'd*@k flicks'. They are made to appeal only to teenage or college age males. I cannot imagine a woman finding these films funny. They rely on sexist, crass, gross-out, and low-brow humour instead of genuinely funny situations. Grandma's Boy is a film produced by Adam Sandler studio and is fairly typical of the films he has produced. The humour is based on pot, sex, farting, and crazy monkeys. I am not saying that there are no funny parts in this movie, because there are, but the good does not outweigh the offensive.

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