Match Point

May I have your attention please? Woody Allen is back!! Match Point represents his best work in years. The direction, the script and the acting are all top notch. Allen was definitely in a rut where he would make films every so often, but they were invariably just variations on one another; he kept making the same film over and over. This film is quite a departure for Woody Allen (Melinda and Melinda, Mighty Aphrodite) in that it does not take place in his beloved New York and the cast is almost entirely made up of young actors. It seems that be making the simple choice of not basing the film in New York has completely revitalized the director/screenwriter. It almost seems as if this is the film of a much younger man as it is dynamic and highly erotic. There is much suspense and tension within the film, nothing that happens is expected or predictable. The story starts out innocently enough with the seen it many times plot of a married or attached man being obsessed with a beautiful woman then the story turns into something much darker. I am going to stop here because this is definitely the type of film it is best not to know anything about before you go and see it. Enjoy!

Former Irish tennis pro Chris Wilton (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – Bend It Like Beckham, Alexander) decides he needs a change in his life. He is tired of the grind and constant touring of the professional tennis life, so he decides to take a job as a tennis instructor at a posh tennis club. One of his clients is Tom Hewitt (Matthew Goode – Chasing Liberty) and they quickly become friends. Tom's family is very wealthy and his sister, Chloe (Emily Mortimer – Dear Frankie, Notting Hill) takes an immediate liking to Chris. Chris and Chloe start dating. One weekend at Chloe's parents' estate in the country, Chris meets a struggling American actress named Nola (Scarlett Johansson – In Good Company, The Horse Whisperer). He is immediately attracted, but later finds out that Nola and Chris are engaged. Chris's obsession with Nola does not stop even though he gets married to Chloe. Things become even more desperate when he finds out that Nola and Tom have broken up.

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