The Flaming Lips

The latest album by the quirky but lovable The Flaming Lips has them coming out of the closet….no, not that type of closet….and showing their 'true colours' as Pink Floyd devotees. At War With The Mystics is the closest thing you'll hear to Pink Floyd besides the group themselves. Unlike Continue Reading


This five-member punk band hails from New Jersey and will appeal to the fans of bands such as My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday. Best Friends Our Worst Enemies is their debut EP and contains 5 tracks. Their music is powerful yet melodic at the same time. They let Continue Reading

Jeff Martin

After the breakup of the popular and long lasting Canadian band Tea Party I am sure fans wondered if we would ever hear music from lead singer/guitarist/song writer Jeff Martin again. Well, have no fear, the man has released a solo effort. Upon first glance at Mr. Martin you might Continue Reading


Since its 1999 debut this band has been the FM radio fan's modern version of rock bands such as Guns 'N Roses, Black Crowes, AC/DC, and Aerosmith. These L.A. boys use loud music to convey their message. And the message is "I wanna rock!" There have been several roster changes Continue Reading

Sam Roberts

Talk about pressure! This Montrealer must have felt a ton of it while writing and recording his sophomore album. We Were Born in a Flame, his debut album, sold so well and won so many Junos that it seems almost impossible that he will recreate that kind of success. It Continue Reading