Sam Roberts

Talk about pressure! This Montrealer must have felt a ton of it while writing and recording his sophomore album. We Were Born in a Flame, his debut album, sold so well and won so many Junos that it seems almost impossible that he will recreate that kind of success. It seems as if Roberts has purposely recorded a different sounding album in order to deal with all that pressure. Not an unwise thing to do in his situation. Chemical City sounds nothing like his first album. Looking for inspiration, Roberts was heavily influenced sound-wise by music of the 60s and 70s while writing for this album. His lengthy songs (one is 8 minutes) and psychedelic sound makes me believe that this guy is ready for Woodstock version 4 (is that what it would be?). You do realize upon very few listens that he can really write. Don't be too scared off by this review saying that his music has changed, if you were a fan of the first album and appreciate Robert's talents then you should also enjoy this album.

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