Ghostface Killah

Do you enjoy listening to tracks about guns, street violence and drugs? If you do, then look no further. Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah's latest solo release is entitled "Fishscale" in which you'll find all the typical ingredients we've come to expect from Gangsta Rap artists. Nothing more, nothing less. Spitting tons of hatred throughout the album with aggressive tracks such as "Shakey Dog," "Major Operation" and "Clipse Of Doom." "Kilo" featuring Raekwon has a cool musical backdrop but that's the only thing about it which is noteworthy. Ghostface's Wu Tang homies drop some rhymes on "9 Milli Bros" Most of you surely know Ne-Yo who's latest song "So Sick" is blazing up the charts. He adds a wonderful dose of his enjoyable R&B vocals to "Back Like That." Ghostface comes across as somewhat of a hypocrite, referring to women as bitches in previous tracks and all of a sudden he's respecting them on the track "Momma" which features the melodious vocals of Megan Rochell. Oh, and don't be fooled into thinking you are getting 24 tracks for your money as many of those are lame skits.

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