Dr. Dolittle 3

Like her father before her, Maya Dolittle (Kyla Pratt – Fat Albert, Dr. Dolittle 2) has inherited an ability to talk to and understand animals talking. As she is a teenager who is just trying to fit in at her high school, this talent brings her nothing but grief. Lisa Dolittle (Kristen Wilson – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Doctor Dolittle), Maya's mother, decides to send her to the Durango dude ranch in order to build her confidence and find herself. Once there Maya tries to fit in, but her ability and a ranch full of animals makes that somewhat difficult. To complicate matters further, Maya finds herself attracted to Bo (Walker Howard – first film), the son of Jud (John Amos – Die Hard 2, Lock Up), the owner of the ranch. Maya finds herself competing for Bo's attention with Brooklyn Webster (Luciana Carro – Two For the Money, White Chicks), a tough fellow rancher. Maya, who has been hiding her talent so she can fit in, has to make a tough decision to make when the fate of the ranch is up in the air due to lack of money.

As a parent, this is definitely a film that you can watch with your tweens and not have to worry about language and sex. It has that 'old-fashioned' kinda Disney feel to it. There is much fun, dancing and music in this film, but my only complaint is that there was not enough from the animals. Hey, what can I say? I am a sucker for a talking monkey or dog! Director Rich Thorne (Mother Ghost) has decided to focus the film on Maya and her problems fitting in due to her ability to talk to animals. Unfortunately this makes the film less funny (due to less animal antics) and fairly predictable.

Special Features:
-Growing Up Dolittle featurette
-Dr. Dolittle 3 TV spot
-Little Manhattan trailer

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