The Replacement Killers

Why are they re-releasing The Replacement Killers you might be asking yourself? Well, this is the all-new extended cut where they have added back 10 minutes that was cut from the original release. The film has been completely re-mastered visually and sound wise. Action films seem to be a dime a dozen, but good ones are hard to make. Director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, King Arthur) has made an action-packed, slick and cool looking action film. The plot and story does have some holes in it, but I could overlook this due to the film's cool visual style. The fights and gun battles are long, but they are definitely not boring (especially the final battle). Fuqua has filmed these sequences beautifully and luckily so because as I said the story is not the greatest. There are some funny moments in the film and the buddies versus sexual tension stuff that goes on between Chow-Yun Fat and Mira Sorvino is interesting. It is definitely cool how the tension is allowed to build up and they don't just hop into the sack. The Replacement Killers is definitely not the worst Hong Kong style action film made by an American studio.

Los Angeles police officer Stan Zedkov (Michael Rooker – Slither, The Bone Collector) kills Chinese drug lord Mr. Wei's (Kenneth Tsang – Memoirs of a Geisha, Die Another Day) son during a drug bust. Mr. Wei hires top hitman John Lee (Chow-Yun Fat – Anna and the King, Bulletproof Monk), who is in debt to Mr. Wei, to kill him. Lee cannot do it and is now on the run from Mr. Wei. Replacement killers are sent after Lee to kill him and the policeman's son then to take Lee's place. Lee needs to get back to China because his sister and mother are now targets. Needing a fake passport to get back into China, Lee goes to see Meg Coburn (Mira Sorvino – Mighty Aphrodite, At First Sight), an small time document forger. Meg is arrested during a raid on her 'business' before she can make Lee's passport. Zedkov lets her out of jail and Lee is waiting for her because he still needs a passport. Lee forces Meg to come with him and make him a passport. Now not only are Mr. Wei's killers after them but the L.A. police are as well and they also have to stop the replacement killers from killing Zedkov's son. Meg and Lee are forced to pair up together when they are attacked by Mr. Wei's replacement killers.

Special Features:
-Chow-Yun Fat Goes Hollywood
-The Making of The Replacement Killers
-Previews for The Patriot (Extended Cut), Black Hawk Down (Extended Cut), Dirty, The Detonator, End Game, Don't Come Knocking, and Second in Command

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