A young inventor named Amelia Muggins (Emma Roberts – Blow, Aquamarine), whose father Mike (Chris Potter – The Pacifier, Arachnid) is retired spy, has invented a laser device that is able to drill for chemicals as never before. She is being presented with an award and is very nervous as she will be meeting two of her heroes, Dr. Farley (Richard Kind – from television's Spin City and Mad About You) and Dr. Amour (Musetta Vander – Kicking & Screaming, The Cell). Dr. Amour does not show up and Amelia is upset, but is happy when Dr. Farley invites her to a think tank for all the brightest young minds in science. Unbeknownst to Amelia and her father, Dr. Farley actually intends on kidnapping Amelia and forcing her to build a large-scale version of her device. This risky operation could cause a large earthquake and destroy the Earth, but Dr. Farley is blinded by his own greed. Dr. Farley contacts Mike from Japan and lets him know what he is up to and warns him not to go to the authorities or he will never see his daughter again. Mike and his old partner Minkey, the kung-fu skateboarding monkey, are helped by some ninjas and circus performers and return to the spy business in order to rescue Amelia.

As an adult I have to say that I did not really enjoy this film, but it might be different for young viewers. The monkey does a bunch of cool and funny things. There are lots of neat gadgets in the film. I guess for younger viewers it might not matter that the story is unoriginal and silly at times. It is really Minkey the chimpanzee who steals the show. This is definitely not a ringing endorsement for the human cast. Director Robert Vince (MVP: Most Valuable Primate) does have some experience making some decent animal movies, but this one is definitely not his best work. It is not even his best monkey movie. It is definitely a movie that I found myself laughing at not with because it was so subpar. Spymate is meant to be a family film and it is, but I'm not sure the older people watching it will get the same enjoyment as the young ones.

Special Features:
-Behind-the-scenes featurette
-Previews of The Little Mermaid, Cars, Eight Below, Brother Bear 2, Airbuddies, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Leroy and Stitch, and The Shaggy Dog

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