If you've heard Massari's debut album, you got to hear Belly on the infectious track "Rush The Floor". Belly is set to release his double album "The Revolution" which will feature some big name artists such as Fabolous, Mario Winans, Scarface and of course, his label mate Massari. In the meantime, he's released Death Before Dishonor volume 3. When you open up the CD case, there's Belly pointing his finger and one of his crew members's pointing a gun. Yup, Belly is Canada's answer to the Gangsta rap genre made so popular by Americans. He's got the formula down pact. He's got the voice, the catchy beats & lyrics about violence, drugs, hustling, derogatory remarks about women…you get the idea. Oh, and of course, such an album would not be complete with lots of swearing throughout. If that's what you like to listen to, you'll probably dig this album. If not, steer clear. Featured artists include Jokaman, Scarface, Tru Life and Vico.

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