SF Jazz Collective

I know what I am about to write is going to cause some of you to roll your eyes, but here goes anyways. If you are any type of jazz fan then this album is a 'must have' and if you are not then this live album would be a good album for you to buy to give the genre a listen to. Do not be put off by the fact that there are only 8 tracks on the album; it is still over 75 minutes in length. Half of the material is taken from the legend that was John Coltrane, so the music you know is top notch, and half are original compositions. The eight member SF Jazz Collective demonstrate time and time again that they are at ease playing together and confident enough during their solos, especially good work is turned in by bassist Nicholas Peyton. It is definitely the type of album, because of its many layers, that you have to listen to again and again to really appreciate it.

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