Hailing from rainy Vancouver might have had an impact on the often introspective/deep quality to the lyrics of this band. O it just could be that they are a pop band who are capable of writing song lyrics that do not revolve around such lines as "oooh yeah" or "lalala". Stabilo uses two different vocalists and this gives the listener an interesting change of pace. One of the singers sounds a little like James Blunt. I remember hearing the song "Everybody" played frequently on the radio last winter and really liking it. Like most of their music, it is melodic and has thoughtful lyrics that make you stand up and notice them. Well, that tune is on this album. However it is a 'new' version of the song. "Everybody" has been around since 2001. They were in Montreal recently opening up for INXS at the Bell Centre and had the crowd responding to them during their short set.

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