The Blue Iguana

Having the epitome of a 'bad' run of luck, bounty hunter Vince Holloway (Dylan McDermott – from television's The Practice) is chasing and finding his targets but they are all ending up dead. As a bounty hunter no person means no money. Holloway needs money as everything he owns is being repossessed. To continue on with his streak of bad luck, slimy I.R.A. agents Vera Quinn (Tovah Feldshuh – Brewster's Millions, Kissing Jessica Stein) and Carl Strick (Dean Stockwell – from television's Quantum Leap) blackmail him into taking an impossible job. Holloway has to go to the town of Diablo near the Mexican border and get the $20 million dollars being transferred illegally from a bank run by a woman named Cora (Jessica Harper – Minority Report, My Favorite Year). The job is made more difficult in that in the lawless town of Diablo a human life is not even worth a dollar and Cora has the bank heavily armed. She is also partners with a ruthless hood named Reno (James Russo – The Ninth Gate, Donnie Brasco) who has a gang of degenerates, including his number one man Floyd (Flea – from the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers), carrying out his every order. Holloway's only help is from a beautiful woman named Dakota (Pamela Gidley – Cherry 2000, Permanent Record) who owns The Blue Iguana club and a young boy named Yano (Yano Anaya – Better Off Dead, A Christmas Story).

Despite the fact that this film was released in 1988 not many people have actually seen it. That sorta tells you everything you need to know about this film. Director John Lafia (Child's Play 2) has tried to make a film that is a farce of the film noir genre, but for the most part he does not succeed. It is the type of film, however, that is borderline so bad that it could become a cult or b-movie favourite. All the attempts at humour are broader than life – Dean Stockwell's agent who wears a neck brace and thick Coke bottle glasses and Tovah Feldshuh's agent who wears a bondage/dominatrix wardrobe – and if you are willing to accept them it could be construed as funny. It is a film where you have to go in to really lowering your expectations and you might come out enjoying it. Good luck!

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