Montreal Hippodrome

Despite being a proud and active Montrealer I had never been to the Montreal Hippodrome until this year. I don't know why. I love horses and the idea of getting to watch them run in person definitely interests me. The Montreal Hippodrome has been at its location on Decarie Boulevard Continue Reading


Another 70s inspired band, but with the twist of mixing some electronic elements to it. The duo of Jean-Philippe Freu and Patrice Carrie make unique and heavy sounding music. Very crunchy guitars and raspy vocals are followed by synthesizers. Then the very next song will sound like some trippy disco Continue Reading

Blood Brothers

Playing shows continuously and gaining fans in small increments have been the trademarks of this Seattle-based 5-member band since they formed in 1997. You cannot really categorize their sound and yet it is not mind-blowing original stuff either. I guess the best way to describe their sound is to say Continue Reading