Shirley Temple – America’s Sweetheart Collection

Anyone who buys this collection knows exactly what they are getting. Shirley Temple was the original America's Sweetheart. She was cute as a button and could dance and sing. All her movies are all-ages type affairs that grandparents, parents and even kids will find themselves enjoying. This is the fourth collection of Shirley Temple movies and contains 3 films all made in the 1930s. The films have been made into all new colour versions, but they have also included restored black-and-white versions.

Captain January:
A gentle lighthouse keeper named Captain January (Guy Kibbee – Our Town, It's A Wonderful World) has to tell young Star Mason that her mother and father have drowned. The mean truant officer, Agatha Morgan (Sara Haden – Wagons West, The Bishop's Wife), wants Star placed in the state orphanage. Captain January and his friends, Paul (Buddy Ebsen – from television's The Beverly Hillbillies), Captain Nazro (Slim Summerville – White Fang) and Eliza Croft (Jane Darwell – Mary Poppins, The Grapes of Wrath), all try to take care of her and keep her out of the orphanage.

Special Features:
-Movietone Newsreel: "Stage Dedication to Will Rogers"

Just Around the Corner:
Penny (Shirley Temple) is the daughter of a widower named Jeff Hale (Charles Farrell – The Ten Commandments, The Hunchback of Notre Dame), who was once a successful architect but the Depression has ruined him. Jeff takes on a job as a janitor in order to support himself and Penny. They have to move from their nice apartment to the one in the basement of the building Jeff works in. Penny spends her time exploring the building and avoiding the mean manager, Waters (Franklin Pangborn – A Star is Born, The Luckiest Girl in the World). She also makes friends with the maid, Kitty (Joan Davis – starred in many Hollywood musicals), the chauffeur, Gus (Bert Lahr – The Wizard of Oz, Ship Ahoy), and the doorman, Corporal Jones (Bill Robinson – Stormy Weather, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm).

Special Features:
-"The Takes That Make Up Shirley's 7th Birthday"

Susannah of the Mountains:
An adventure film set in Canada, Susannah Sheldon (Shirley Temple) is left orphaned after an attack by the Indians. Canadian Mountie, Inspector Angus Montague (Randolph Scott – My Favorite Wife, The Last of the Mohicans) and his girlfriend, Vicky (Margaret Lockwood – Love Story, The Man in Grey) take Susannah in. At the fort she manages to make all fall in love with her. There are constant battles between the Indians and the settlers. Susannah, knowing the cost of war, tries to figure out a way to bring about peace between the two sides.

Special Features:
-"Hollywood Spotlight by Jimmy Fidler: Shirley is Given a Pony For Her 8th Birthday"

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