The New Cars

I noticed that they left the words 'and improved' out of the name for the 'new' band…was that on purpose or not…I guess we'll never know. They are new in that Todd Rundgren (formerly of a Beatles cover band called Utopia) has replaced the creepy Ric Ocasek (he of how did he ever get a super model to marry him fame), two original members, guitarist Elliot Easton and Greg Hawkes on keyboards, have come back and new members, bassist Kasim Sulton and drummer Prairie Prince (formerly of The Tubes), have joined the band. "It's Alive" has 15 tracks of which 13 are classic Cars tunes and 2 are Todd Rundgren tunes all from a combination of 3 live performances in California and 3 are newly penned studio tracks. There will, I'm sure, be debates over whether Rundgren or Ocasek is the better vocalist by longtime fans. The bottom line is that this new combination has not embarrassed themselves by taking on music by The Cars. Breathing new life into the songs, the five have brought a decidedly harder edge to the material.

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