What might upset their longtime fans is the fact that AFI I is becoming more of a band that might be played on heavy rotation on Muchmusic rather than one that resides on the fringes of the music industry. In the beginning their music was popular with fans of punk or goth. Their music now has the sort of sound that is popular with the fans of Franz Ferdinand, The Killers or Panic! At The Disco. It is an album that takes a few listens to really get in to. There are definitely plenty of 80s rock influences in their sound. Have they have gone mainstream! Or maybe its just that mainstream has finally caught on to their sound. One moment they are churning out dark heavy tunes and the next they are producing poppy catchy songs. They are definitely not a group who have shown any fear of change and I guess, they hope that their true fans will come on their musical journey with them….where ever that might lead.

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