The Waterboys

You cannot say that this band has been together since 1981 because singer Mike Scott has been the only constant member, everyone else has changed. The Waterboys started off as a punk band then evolved into many things along the way. Originally recorded in 1988, Fisherman's Blues finds The Waterboys joined by some traditional Irish musicians to make a Celtic-rock flavoured album. It is full of the sounds of mandolins, fiddles and flutes. Fisherman's Blues was a musical treatise based on James Joyce's Ireland full of created images of alcohol, the moors, the sea, never ending green pastures, and women. The lyrics and topics of the songs are modern and are paired with traditional sounding music. It sounds like an album that if you were walking down the streets of Dublin or passing by a pub someone would be singing a song from it. The rerelease comes packaged with an extra disc full of previously unreleased songs. It is thought to be one of the best albums of the 1980s.

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