The Benchwarmers

This is one of those films that fall into the Adam Sandler category. You either love these types of films or hate them. They all use the same teenage, crass type of humour. There are bathroom jokes and plenty of physical humour, so if that is your kettle of fish you won't be disappointed by The Benchwarmers. If you thought that the 2006 remake of The Bad News Bears was a classic then you will enjoy this film. The sole reason of a film of this sort is the humour and it is almost better to rent or buy a film of this type. There are some parts where there are jokes back to back and actually, it is probably better to see this type of film at home where you can rewind and not be disturbed by others laughter. Despite the lowbrow humour there is a nice message in the film about accepting 'non-athletic' type kids as members of sports teams. Director Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy) is not performing brain surgery with this film and really it could have been done while he slept. There is nothing original or unpredictable about the film. He is going for laughs and is not even trying that hard. Jon Heder once again plays that same sorta slow-witted geeky character. You have to admit, though, that he is good at it. David Spade was quite good and for the first time I even did not mind Rob Schneider. It is definitely the type of film that critics will hate but audiences will find entertaining.

Three guys who have been seen as 'nerds' or 'geeks' their whole lives have decided that enough is enough and they are not going to take it anymore. They will no longer be bullied. It is now time for them to take revenge on all those who beat them up or made fun of them when they were younger. Gus (Rob Schneider – The Waterboy, The Hot Chick) sees a nerdy kid being beaten up by some local jocks and decides it is time to take action. Gus gathers his friends Clark (Jon Heder – Napoleon Dynamite, Just Like Heaven) and Richie (David Spade – from television's Just Shoot Me) to form a three-player baseball team that will seek revenge against those jocks that mercilessly taunted them. Under the tutelage of nerd-turned-billionaire Mel (Jon Lovitz – The Producers, The Stepford Wives) they begin to train in order to take on the best of the best of Little League teams. After seeing that a large crowd came out to their first game. Gus, Richie and Clark decide to enter a competition with the bullies where the winner will get a new stadium. Let the games begin!

Special Features:
-Nerds vs. Bullies featurette
-Mr. October featurette
-Play Ball featurette
-Who's on Deck? featurette
-Deleted scenes
-Previews for Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Open Season, Monster House,RV, The Pink Panther, Fun With Dick and Jane, Big Daddy, Joe Dirt, Ultraviolet, The James Bond Ultimate Collection, and The Princess Bride

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