100 Rifles

An American policeman named Lyedecker (Jim Brown – Any Given Sunday, The Dirty Dozen) comes to Mexico in order to find and arrest Yaqui Joe (Burt Reynolds – The Dukes of Hazzard, The Longest Yard) for robbery. This task becomes quite difficult due to an Indian revolution against the Mexican government and because of the interference of a beautiful woman named Sarita (Raquel Welch – Legally Blonde, The Three Musketeers). The Mexican government, lead by the vicious General Verdugo (Fernando Lamas – The Avengers, The Merry Widow) and his right hand man Lieutenant Franz Von Klemme (Eric Braeden – from television's The Young and the Restless), carries out its plans for the Indians in that they want to totally kill them all off. Joe uses his money from the robbery to buy weapons to help the Indians defend themselves. Lyedecker sees what is happening and has fallen for Sarita, so he decides to join in with the Indians. Even with his, Sarita's and Joe's help will it be enough to defeat the Mexican army?

Most people would dismiss this as an attempt to make a politically correct Western, but it turns out to be more than that. Though made way past the heyday of the Hollywood Western, it was filmed in the late 1960s, 100 Rifles is a good Western. There is lots of action and a good story to the film. Though the acting skills of the cast is not thought to be the greatest they all do what they were cast to do. Raquel Welch oozes beauty and sexuality, Jim Brown is not an accomplished actor but definitely has a presence on screen and Burt Reynolds is his usual smooth and sexy film star. Tom Gries (The Hawaiians, The Greatest), the director, corals all this different and seemingly incompatible acting talent and gets good performances out of them.

Special Features:
-Production stills gallery
-Behind the scenes gallery
-Poster and one-sheet gallery
-Theatrical trailer
-Fox Flix: trailers for The Last Wagon, The Culpepper Cattle Co. and Two Flags West

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