South Park – The Complete Eighth Season

Set in a small Colorado town called South Park this television series stars several swearing, farting and violent third graders named Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman. Like Bart Simpson before them when the series first came out every young person (especially males) would quote lines from the show that these characters utter and usually not within the vicinity of their parents. South Park did shock and turn off some viewers, but most stuck with the series and it has become one of the more influential animated series ever to air on television. It is considered a groundbreaking series in because of these reasons; the program has not shied away from any topic (feces, homosexuality, religion, etc.), has made fun of every celebrity (Joan Rivers, Tom Cruise, Kathy Lee Gifford, Michael Jackson, etc.) and uses graphic language and animation to tell its stories. This is a rare example of a series that does not get boring, full of itself or repetitive with age.

Disc One:
Episode 1: Good Times With Weapons: South Park spoofs Dragonball Z. Episode is full of anime.

Episode 2: You Got F'd in the A-: The crappy film "You Got Served" is spoofed and the boy band phenomenon is looked at.

Episode 3: The Passion of the Jew: Cartman adores Mel Gibson and Stan and Kenny try to get their money back after seeing the film.

Episode 4: Awesom-O: Cartman like you have never seen him before.

Episode 5: Up the Down Steroid: An examination of steroids in professional sports.

Episode 6: Goobacks: Illegal immigration and liberalism are two topics examined in this episode.

Episode 7: The Jeffersons: A black and wealthy father causes unrest in South Park.

Episode 8: Douche and Turd: The electoral process is put under the microscope along with the animal rights group PETA.

Episode 9: Something Wal-Mart This Way Comes: Wal-Mart really changes things in South Park, especially for Cartman.

Episode 10: Pre-School: Trent is out of juvie and is seeking revenge on those he feel who wronged him. The boys hire some 6th graders to protect them.

Episode 11: Quest for Ratings: The guys air their own morning news program on the school's television station and have to compete for ratings with Clyde.

Episode 12: Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset: Paris Hilton…need I say more?

Episode 13: Cartman's Incredible Gift: After falling on his head Cartman has the ability to predict the future.

Episode 14: Woodland Critter Christmas: Christmas, an orgy and forest animals are involved in this episode.

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