Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Can you imagine being a comedy troupe and having film like this be your first foray into that medium? Stunning! This film is so funny that no matter how many times I watch it I laugh myself silly. I go around quoting lines from it ("Va fetchez la vache" or "Merely a flesh wound") and reenact many of the scenes. It is a film that has been making people pee their pants for 30 years now and I do not see its popularity ever waning. Every single member of the Monty Python troupe is talented but for me John Cleese and Eric Idle really stand out. These men can do sketch comedy, physical comedy and just be plain silly when it is called for. Each of the actors is called upon (hey, it was a low-budget film) to play several characters, but that does not detract from the film because they all do a marvelous job. Some of the writing is just plain silly but some of it is quite intelligent and subversive at the same time. Like the Monty Python television series the film is made up of a series of vignettes but they all run along the same theme of a medieval search for the Holy Grail. Knights riding along on horses (which are really just coconuts) searching for the ultimate booty is an idea ripe for comedy and in the talented hands of these men the laughs never stop. I guess the film is considered a cult classic, but there are not many comedy films that have a wider viewership than this one. It is a film where the humour is unique and has not been duplicated in the 30 years since its release. The Holy Grail is just as bizarre, quirky and original as the day it was filmed. The Holy Grail is not only arguably the funniest Monty Python film it has got to be one of the funniest comedies ever made.

King Arthur (Graham Chapman – The Meaning of Life, Yellowbeard) is looking for knights to sit with him at Camelot. He finds Sir Galahad the pure (Michael Palin – Brazil, The Missionary), Sir Lancelot the brave (John Cleese – A Fish Called Wanda, Shrek 2), Sir Bedevere the quiet (Terry Jones – Life of Brian, Erik the Viking), and Sir Robin the not-quite-so-brave-as-Sir-Lancelot (Eric Idle – Ella Enchanted, European Vacation). After discovering Camelot they decide that they do not want to be there after all. God appears to them and tells them to set off on a quest to find the Holy Grail. While they are on the voyage we find out in a series of flashbacks why they are named the way they are. Along their search they come across some interesting characters and some hair-raising challenges. Unfortunately along the way some of the knights perish and at the end of the journey only King Arthur and Sir Bedevere remain. The songs, jokes and a killer rabbit are all that remain…until the end.

Special Features:
-The Quest for the Holy Grail Locations featurette
-On Location with the Pythons featurette
-Theatrical trailers
-Subtitles for people who don't like the film
-On-screen screenplay
-A Glorious Extra 24 Seconds Absolutely Free!
-Sing-alongs (3)

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