Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys are another popular band from the 80s that we have not heard from in a while. Well, they are back recording and touring. They will be in Montreal at Place des Arts on October 10th for a show. On this album there seems to have been a conscious effort to get back to their 'roots'. They have reteamed with their former producer Trevor Horn and there is a guest vocal appearance by Elton John on a track. Because their music sounded like light poppy stuff their lyrics were never really looked at very closely. That was definitely a mistake on our parts as demonstrated by the first single off the album. "I'm With Stupid" is a song which takes pokes at British leader Tony Blair and U.S. president George Bush. The only problem I have with the album is that they have not attempted to bring back the fun of the 1980s music rather it seems as if they are trying to create a Broadway album. Many of the tracks sound like show tunes. That being said fans of the Pet Shop Boys will be thrilled that they are back.

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