Cherish is an R&B quartet that is composed of four sisters named Felisha, Farrah, Fallon and Neosha. They are scantily dressed young women with nice voices and sing typical songs about relationships. Is there anything that stands out in their album entitled "Unappreciated?" Not really. It starts off with a couple of upbeat tracks like "That Boi" and "Do It To It" featuring Sean Paul of Youngbloodz. "Unappreciated" is a solid tune. The ladies disappoint with "Chevy" that's got lyrics like "Treat me like ya Chevy. You Can Show Me Off." and "Taken" which is about wanting a man that is already taken and asking him to spend money on clothes and jewelry behind his girlfriend's back. Songs like this do, however, reflect a disturbing trend in society today about how casually people view relationships and intimacy and how some women think that these behaviors are empowering, when in fact they are very superficial. Overall, this album clearly reflects these tendencies lyrically. Tracks like "Whenever" and "Show And Tell" also fall into the same category. While there is no question that these ladies can sing, their songs lack substance and some of the tracks just aren't catchy enough to hold one's attention.

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