The Mars Volta

Knowing that this band opened up for Red Hot Chili Peppers last time they were in town I was expecting them to be a high energy rock band with a few quirks. Boy, was I ever wrong! With their own distinct blend of jazz and progressive rock, The Mars Volta make you feel as if it is the 70s all over again. With their long (the shortest song on the disc clocks in at over four minutes and the longest is over 16 minutes) guitar based songs the band makes you feel as if they write their music as movie scores or are just long jams. The music almost becomes like a painting that you can lose yourself in. Or some kind of rock opera. Some may find the band's music too inaccessible but these are probably the same people who complain that some bands are sell outs. Make up your minds! Buy this album if you want an original sound and concept.

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