Elton John

What is left to be said about Elton John and his music? If you are a fan of his, especially from days gone by, then you will enjoy this album. It is a very retro-Elton album. Don't expect another "Lion King" soundtrack sounding album. It could have been recorded in the 1970s as a companion album to "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy". It is now 31 years later and he has released "The Captain and the Kid" as a sort of sequel to the album. Lyrically the album has stories to tell and should be listened to as a whole. It tells the story of his and long-time writing partner, Bernie Taupin's relationship over these 30 odd years. He will always be the same as an artist flamboyant yet accessible, pompous yet all about heart, and simple but complex. These juxtapositions are what his fans have always loved about him so he is not about to change in his 60s. This is an album that pays homage to the 60s and 70s when it was music that made a difference and was supreme. It is wide-eyed and innocent. Quite an accomplishment for two men who have been around the industry long enough to become jaded about it, but have succeeded in remembering that it is the music that matters.

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