Beverly Hills 90210 – The Complete First Season

When you look back to big television series of the 1990s, especially for teens, Beverly Hills 90210 is right up near the top of the list. The series made stars of Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, Luke Perry, and Jason Priestly. This series influenced the ways girls dressed, guys wore their hair and everyone spoke. It really was one of the first big hits for the FOX television station. As it was a show about teenagers in high school the topics covered included romantic triangles, sex, dating, and music. Some episodes were humourous and fluffy, but some dealt with more serious subjects such as premarital sex, AIDS, learning disabilities, and the needs of the handicapped.

Episode 1: Class of Beverly Hills: Brenda (from television's Charmed) and Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestly – from television's Tru Calling) move from Minnesota to Beverly Hills. Fitting in is easier said than done.

Episode 2: The Green Room: Brandon and Dylan McKay (Luke Perry – The Fifth Element, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) become friends.

Episode 3: Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag): Brandon gets a job working at a fancy restaurant and finds out that looks can be deceiving. Brenda has a new friend, Tiffany (Noelle Parker – Look Who's Talking Too, Ernest Saves Christmas) who shoplifts.

Episode 4: The First Time: Brandon's ex-girlfriend from Minnesota, Sheryl (Paula Irvine – appeared in episodes of Growing Pains and Renegade), arrives and has trouble adapting to the fast pace of Beverly Hills.

Episode 5: One on One: Brenda, who does not have her driver's license, picks up Kelly (Jennie Garth – from television's What I Like About You) from a bad date.

Episode 6: Higher Education: Brenda and Kelly are both attracted to Dylan. Brandon cheats on a History test.

Episode 7: Perfect Mom: Brenda really likes Kelly's mom, Jackie (Ann Gillespie – appeared in episodes of The Gilmore Girls and Happy Days), without realizing that she has problems.

Episode 8: The 17-Year Itch: Cindy (Carol Potter – appeared in episodes of JAG and Crossing Jordan) and Jim Walsh (James Eckhouse – Guess Who, A Cinderella Story) celebrate their 17th anniversary, but it isn't without problems.

Episode 9: The Gentle Art of Listening: Brandon is interested in an older woman named Nina (Kim Gillingham – appeared in episodes of Family Ties and Seinfeld).

Episode 10: Isn't It Romantic?: Brenda is falling in love with Dylan which does not make her father happy.

Episode 11: B.Y.O.B: A party takes place at Donna's. Brandon drinks and becomes more 'loose' than usual.
Episode 12: One Man and a Baby: Brandon starts dating Melissa (Kristin Dattilo – Intolerable Cruelty), a senior who has a baby.

Episode 13: Slumber Party: Brenda hosts a slumber party and invites Kelly, Donna (Tori Spelling – Scary Movie 2, Scream 2) and Andrea (Gabrielle Carteris – Raising Cain) to sleep over.

Episode 14: East Side Story: The Walshes allow their maid's niece, Karla (Karla Montana – Colors, Stand and Deliver), to use their address so she can attend high school.

Episode 15: A Fling in Palm Springs (a.k.a. Palm Springs Weekend): Over a holiday weekend the gang goes to Palm Springs. Brandon stays home and meets a homeless boy.

Episode 16: Fame Is Where You Find It: Brandon gets a role on a television show and becomes instantly popular at school.

Episode 17: Stand (Up) and Deliver: Brenda, wanting to be treated as an adult, moves out on her own. Brandon runs for junior class president.

Episode 18: It's Only a Test: Brenda is scared when she finds a lump in her breast. SATs are coming up and everyone is feeling the pressure.

Episode 19: April Is the Cruellest Month: Brandon has a new friend named Roger (Matthew Perry – from television's Friends), a tennis player who is pressured by his father.

Episode 20: Spring Training: Brandon and Steve (Ian Zierling – Domino, Endless Love) volunteer to coach a Little League baseball team that turns out to be more than they had bargained for.

Episode 21: Spring Dance: On the night of the spring dance Donna gets drunk, Brenda has sex for the first time and Steve has a break down.

Episode 22: Home Again: Jim gets a promotion which excites the family until they realize that they have to move back to Minnesota. Brenda is not thrilled about leaving Dylan.

Special Features:
-"Beginnings with Darren Star" Featurette
-Meet the class of West Beverly High
-90210 behind the scenes featurette
-Looking Back: The Season One Recap

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