Jim Cuddy

I have to admit off the bat that Jim Cuddy has always been my favourite of the two lead vocalists for Blue Rodeo. I just love his clear expressive voice. This album really reinforces my love of his voice. "Light That Guides You Home" should be a pleaser for Blue Rodeo fans as it sounds a lot like the music that the band makes together. It is a mix of rock and alt-county. There's still plenty of melancholy courtesy of Jim's voice and guitars are in the forefront, but what is different about this album (compared to a Blue Rodeo one) is the amount of piano (not keyboards, but piano) on it. Piano is a very nice complementary instrument for his voice. Cuddy is a good lyricist who is able to make a clear picture in your mind about what he is singing about. There is also a fun little duet with Kathleen Edwards on "Married Again" on the album. Check out Jim Cuddy when he hits the Spectrum on November 23, 2006.

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