Bad City

Three men's lives seemingly intersect and chaos is the result. Manning (Lance Reddick – Great Expectations), who is a dirty and cynical cop, Julian (Austin Pendleton – The Notorious Bettie Page, Finding Nemo), a power in the drug and prostitution arenas, and Frank (Mike McGlone – The Bone Collector, She's The One), a young politician who will sell his own mother down the river to get what he wants, all meet over a plate of sex, murder and drugs. A new Polish immigrant to the country who is working as a maid, Lena (Nutsa Kukhianidze – The Good Thief), unfortunately for her, gets caught up in the mess after there is a murder. Everyone's life changes afterwards and definitely not for the better. It becomes a frantic competition for survival.

Every cheesy dirty cop movie move that has ever been filmed are all found in this quite humourous, though it doesn't mean to be, film. Director Bruce Terris (first feature film) has really made a mess of thing with this one. He has attempted to make a gritty realistic cop/action film, but has completely botched it up. It is like he really does not know what to do with the script or his actors so he steals little bits from other movies and patches them all together. The film becomes a series of disjointed scenes with no real focus and as a result is rather boring.

Special Features:
-Spanish subtitles

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