The Woods

A prestigious all-girls school called Falburn Academy is the setting of this creepy film about a girl who is 'special'. The year is 1965 in New England and Heather Fasulo's (Agnes Bruckner – Murder By Numbers)parents, Alice (Emma Campell – The Aviator) and Joe (Bruce Campbell – The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness), especially her mother, have decided due to her unruly behaviour that she needs more structure. Sending her to the Falburn Academy boarding school seems the best option. Heather is not just your usual bad girl in that she is haunted by voices she hears in her head. After just a short time at Falburn, Heather realizes that all is not as it seems. Even her 'special' sessions with headmistress Ms. Traverse (Patricia Clarkson – Good Night and Good Luck, Pieces of April) lead her to believe that something is going on that is not normal at the school. Heather's suspicions grow when some of her classmates begin to disappear into the creepy forest that surrounds the school. The girls at the school all tell stories of a coven of witches who attended in the early days and escaped into the woods. Heather's nightmares begin to involve the woods.

Director Lucky McKee (May) has made a horror film which relies on atmosphere rather than gore. It seems he was consciously trying to recreate the look and style of horror films made in the early 1970s. There is an interesting cult/occult type theme running throughout the film, but it never becomes too cheesy. The pace in the first part of the film is quite slow but does pick up at the end. I am not saying that the film does not have its dull moments because it does. And I am not saying that the film does not have its leaps of logic or plot holes because it does. It is a decent renter not a great film however. Now we must bear in mind that this is a straight-to-video release and does not have a huge budget. Despite this McKee was able to make an interesting film with big name actors in Patricia Clarkson and Bruce Campbell.

Special Features:
-Previews of I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, The Dark, Population 436, and Wah-Wah

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