Recovering alcoholic and jewel thief Henry Clarke (Michael Caine – The Quiet American, Cider House Rules) hooks up with a mysterious woman, Fe Moreau (Giovanna Ralli – star of many Italian films), and her husband, Richard (Eric Portman – A Canterbury Tale, The Prince and the Pauper). They cook up a scheme to steal a large amount of jewels from the chateau of the millionaire Salinas (David Buck – has starred in several British television series). Fe and Clarke end up in a bizarre romantic entanglement. This does not seem to be a problem for Richard as he is gay.

With some films you can see their potential, but also how it does not translate onto the screen. Unfortunately, despite the potentially interesting story, the best thing about the film is the score by John Barry (Madagascar, Indecent Proposal). It is interesting that Michael Caine seems to pick as many horrible movies as he does brilliant ones. Director Bryan Forbes (International Velvet, The Stepford Wives) tries to have too many unexplained plot twists which end up making the story a muddled mess. There is much attempt at style in the film, but not much of a focus on plot. I guess he was trying for a film noir, but falls short. There is some witty rapid dialogue and beautiful Spanish scenery, but not enough to save the film.

Special Features:
-Isolated score and SPX track
-The John Barry Touch: The Music of the Master
-Theatrical trailer
-Peeper theatrical trailer
-The Magus theatrical trailer

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