Northern Exposure – The Complete Fifth Season

Despite all his vociferous protests Dr. Joel Fleishman (Rob Morrow – Last Dance, Quiz Show ) is beginning to really enjoy life in Cicely, Alaska. The big city boy from New York is becoming quite a rural boy! There are ups and downs but he can never say that there is a dull moment. With each episode you wonder how the writers came up with the ideas for all these crazy characters and their outrageous adventures…of the small town variety, of course.

Episode 1: Three Doctors: Joel catches the Alaskan Flu, everytime Ed (Darren E. Burrows – Amistad, Casualties of War) wakes up he is in a new strange place and Shelly (Cynthia Geary – 8 Seconds) can no longer sing.

Episode 2: The Mystery of the Old Curio Shop: Maurice (Barry Corbin – from television's One Tree Hill) is not happy about getting older. Joel wonders about the influence that Jews had on the American Indian languages.

Episode 3: Jaws of Life: A wax sculpture of Maurice looks too real. The yearly visit to the dentist makes everyone anxious.

Episode 4: Altered Egos: Chris (John Corbett – from television's Sex and the City) used to live with Bernard's (Richard Cummings Jr. – Project X, Life As a House) new girlfriend. Joel believes that he is losing his 'New Yorkness'.

Episode 5: A River Doesn't Run Through It: Maurice tries to get the best of an American Indian when buying some land. Maggie (Janine Turner – Cliffhanger, Steel Magnolias) is asked to be Homecoming Queen.

Episode 6: Birds of A Feather: Life in Cicely is not hard for Joel's parents to get used to. Because Holling (John Cullum – Charlotte's Web, The Notorious Bettie Page) hates sports Shelly thinks their child is going to be unathletic.

Episode 7: Rosebud: Ed questions his career choice while putting the Cicely Film Festival together. Joel tries to make excuses for not joining the volunteer firemen.

Episode 8: Heal Thyself: Ed questions his decision to be a shaman due to a demon. Shelly gets made at Holling during Lamaze class.

Episode 9: A Cup of Joe: A secret jeopardizes Holling and Ruth Anne's (Peg Phillips – Dogfight) friendship. Chris is worried about his pilot test.

Episode 10: First Snow: An 80-year-old healthy female patient of Joel's believes that she is dying. Everyone gets ready for winter.

Episode 11: Baby Blues: Shelly, who is overcome by a bout of sadness, runs out on her baby shower. Chris looks for his female side.

Episode 12: Mr. Sandman: During Aurora Borealis Cicely's residents swap dreams causing some tension.

Episode 13: Mite Makes Right: Maggie thinks only of dust mites. Maurice is followed by a musician.

Episode 14: A Bolt From the Blue: Maurice's President Day fireworks are ruined by Adam (Adam Arkin – from television's Boston Legal). A ranger is fired and Joel has to try and talk him down from the fire tower.

Episode 15: Hello, I Love You: Joel and Maggie are upset by their relationship. Shelly sees her baby's future.

Episode 16: Northern Hospitality: Joel decides to host a dinner party because everyone thinks he is a freeloader.

Episode 17: Un Volta in L'Inverno: Maggie and Joel have to wait out a storm in a cabin. The mood is ruined when Ed shows up.

Episode 18: Fish Story: Joel catches a fabled sea monster. Maurice makes fun of Holling's painting.

Episode 19: The Gift of the Maggie: Maggie flies in another doctor because Joel feels isolated from the profession. Maurice has to stay with Holling et al when his furnace explodes.

Episode 20: A Wing and a Prayer: Ed lets Ruth-Anne down. Maggie hires Maurice and then has to fire him when he tries to take over.

Episode 21: I Feel the Earth Move: Maggie believes that she is sick because Joel is nice to her. Holling caters a wedding.

Episode 22: Grand Prix: Maurice creates a wheelchair race. Ed helps a participant.

Episode 23: Blood Ties: A blood drive gets turned into a competition by Maurice. A living boyfriend visits Maggie.

Episode 24: Lovers and Madmen: Joel wonders why he is the only one surprised by the discovery of a frozen wooly mammoth.

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