Johnny Cash

Is it just me or does it seem a little weird to you when more CDs are released after an artist's death than ever before. This is the third Cash album released this year and it just leads me to wondering who profits from it. On to the album review…this is the second volume of Greatest Hits type material from Cash's career that has been released since his death. The 20 songs on the album span around 50 years of his career and just that alone is impressive. What is interesting about the album is how the songs that have been chosen are not exactly the best known of Cash's catalogue. As it would be impossible to justly represent his lengthy career with a mere 20 songs the producers have tried to make an album that goes beyond merely the hits. True Cash fans will probably already have many of these tunes, but, for me, Greatest Hits collections are more for the casual fan rather than the fanatic.

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