John Tucker Must Die

In certain cases you have to judge a book by its cover. This film never pretends to be anything but a mindless bit of teenage fluff, so if you judge it based on this the film is a successful one. Director Betty Thomas (Dr. Dolittle, 28 Days) seems to really understand the mind of the teenager though those days are long gone for her. She constructs a film full of obsession with the opposite sex, clothes, sports, friendship, and parties. All these things are paramount when you are a teenager…come to think of it it does not change that much as you get older. Actually, this film is a touch more realistic in its portrayal of the teenager's life than other films of the genre I have seen. The overall theme of revenge and the lengths that the four girls go to to extract it is not realistic at all, but most other facets are. The film is predictable, but honestly what teenage film isn't? There are enough genuinely funny moments in the film to please teen and adult alike. My only major beef about the film is the crazy ending. It is so weak and laughable (for all the wrong reasons) that it almost ruins the film. But hey, it is a teen film, so what are we expecting exactly?

John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe – from television's Desperate Housewives) is the most popular boy in high school. He is a basketball star, rich and good looking – basically he's what every teenage girl (and a few older ones) dreams of. It is almost as if he is too good to be true. Well, that actually is the case in John's case. He is dating three girls at the same time and is doing it behind their backs. Due to an illness to a physical education teacher, Heather (Ashanti – Coach Carter) – the head cheerleader, Beth (Sophia Bush – from television's One Tree Hill) – an animal activist, and Carrie (Arielle Kebbel – Soul Plane, Aquamarine) – a brain who participates in every extra curricular activity, are all put into the same gym class. Now normally these girls do not run in the same social circles and have no opportunity to talk. Once in gym class they realize that all of them are dating John. In the beginning they take it out on each other, but fellow classmate, the invisible to everyone, Kate (Brittany Snow – from television's American Dreams), tells them they really should be mad at John. The three agree and team up with Kate, who has no friends, in order to make it happen. Every thing they try to discredit John with winds up backfiring and making him more popular. The girls finally realize that the perfect revenge would be to make him fall in love with someone and then break his heart. Heather, Beth and Carrie agree that that person should be Kate. Kate hesitates at first but then agrees with the plan.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-On the Rebound
-John Tucker Must Die Dating Quiz
-Live performance by People in Planes "Instantly Satisfied"
-Soundtrack promo spot
-Theatrical trailer

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