Garfield and Friends – Behind the Scenes

First it was a popular comic strip read by 260 million a day and then it became a popular animated cartoon, Garfield is based on a lazy and over-weight orange tabby who is owned by a man named John. John gives Garfield everything he wants, including his beloved lasagna. Garfield really is the king of his castle. His favourite time passers include eating, sleeping, watching television, and tormenting the dog, Odie. These 15 funny cartoons were hand-picked by Garfield creator, Jim Davis, from the television series, "Garfield and Friends".

1) How to Drive the Humans Crazy
2) Canned Laughter
3) A Vacation From His Senses
4) The Automated Animated Adventure
5) The First Annual Garfield Watchers Test
6) Cartoon Cat Conspiracy
7) For Cats Only
8) Mistakes Will Happen
9) A Tall Tale
10) The Multiple-Choice Cartoon
11) Learning Lessons
12) Annoying Things
13) It Must Be True!
14) T.V. of Tomorrow
15) How to be funny

Special Features:
-Trailer for Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties

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