John Mellencamp

john-mellencamp-freedom-roadWith this album there is no mistaken that Mr. Mellencamp is a proud American. Many of the songs on this his first studio album in about 5 years sound like they are anthems to be sung in praise of the country south of our borders. At the same time that he is singing with pride he is also not above using his music as a way to protest against what is going on politically in his country. An interesting juxtaposition I’d say! Mellencamp has even gotten Joan Baez to sing a duet with him on the protest song called “Jim Crow” on the album. Now there is a lady who knows musical political protest!

All this political stuff aside, this is not the best music to ever come from Mellencamp, but his worst stuff is still better than some people’s best. Most of the songs on the album sound the same and similar to what he has done in the past. Ever since the hit album “Scarecrow” we expect this type of quality every time. These types of albums usually happen once in a career people! Simply put, if you are a fan you will enjoy it and if you are not you won’t because it sounds like what he has done before.

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