With everybody and his brother releasing CD + DVD packages it makes sense that the queen of pop is also doing it. When it comes to putting on a live show very few artists compare with Madonna. Every tour she does is a virtual feast for the eyes and ears. The Confessions Tour in 2006 was completely sold out and this package gives those of us who were not lucky enough to get tickets to experience the show. While focusing heavily on her latest CD the oldies but goodies ("Like A Virgin", "Erotica" and "Lucky Star") also make the cut. The good thing about Madonna is that live she completely reworks most of her songs to fit into the musical story she is trying to tell. Everything you see and hear is reworked and fresh. This package also gives the curious a peek at the section of the show (Madonna wearing a crown of thorns on a cross) that caused controversy world round. Enjoy an overview of the most influential pop artist since the mid-80s – visually and soundwise.

Disc One (DVD):
1. Future Lovers/I Feel Love
2. Get Together
3. Like A Virgin
4. Jump
5. Confessions
6. Live to Tell
7. Forbidden Love
8. Isaac
9. Sorry
10. Like It Or Not
11. Sorry (Remix)
12. I Love New York
13. Ray of Light
14. Let It Will Be
15. Drowned World/Substitute For Love
16. Paradise (Not For Me)
17. Music Inferno
18. Erotica
19. La Isla Bonita
20. Lucky Star
21. Hung Up

Special Features:
-Je Suis L'Art
-They're Naughty Children
-Photo Gallery

Disc Two (CD):
1. Future Lovers/I Feel Love
2. Like A Virgin
3. Jump
4. Confessions
5. Isaac
6. Sorry
7. Sorry (Remix)
8. I Love New York
9. Let It Will Be
10. Music Inferno
11. Erotica
12. Lucky Star
13. Hung Up

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