Fall Out Boy

Though this album is a little different sounding than their mega selling debut, the band remains with its feet planted firmly in the pop punk genre. They have managed to do so while infusing their music with un soupçon of R&B. Hey! The lead single "Thriller" (no not a cover of the Michael Jackson song!) is even introduced by Mr. Def Jam himself, Jay-Z. Despite all this they are still a band who's music can best be enjoyed loud. The only fault I can find with the album is the long unwieldy song titles (for example: "I'm Like A Lawyer With The Ways I'm Always Trying To Get Off (Me & You)". I think if you cannot sum it up in a couple of words we have a problem. Despite their song titles that use every letter in the alphabet and then some, Fall Out Boy will enjoy just as much success with their sophomore album as they did with the first. The music they make is targeted to the teenage section of the population and these angst-filled/love crazy/energy-filled beings will continue to spend their money on the band.

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