Lucinda Williams

I find it ridiculous when people say that a particular album is an artist's best. How can you decide that? Music is not a quantifiable science…there are no facts or truths to it. Music is individual and we all hear it differently. That being said, many have claimed that this is singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams' best album. I don't know about that, but it certainly is an ambitious one. It is not all folk and country like her others. It could be because she uses a new producer and has enlisted guitarist Bill Frisell to play on the album. Whatever it is the result is good. Lyrically you can tell that Williams has gone through a lot lately. She saw the end of her relationship and her mother died. Heartache is definitely impetus for good music. Williams certainly isn't hesitant about communicating what is in her heart and baring her soul through her lyrics. They are all personal and intense. Put this album on on the days that you feel moody and dark

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