Bedraggled Preview

La Balustrade at Monument National is the ideal venue for this type of show. As it is small (55 seat capacity) and is set up in cabaret style seating. No matter where you sit you'll be up close and personal with the actress/singer Gabrielle Maes.

Miss Maes is a multi-talented performer who is a good actress and an exceptional singer. This role demands all of her skills. She has to play different characters, as it is essentially a one woman show, sing and be funny. There is sophistication mixed with humour in the role. Maes brings the show, which has been expanded from its previous incarnation as a cabaret act, back to Montreal with the help of talented musician Ari Snyder and French avant-garde director Pierre Carniaux.

The story is about a Diva who is on the downside of her career. We get to see the singer on her rise and then her fall from the graces of the public. Using flashbacks littered with opera, cabaret and musical-styled songs, we see how the Divine Diva ends up drunk and living on the street.

The show was a complete sell-out during its last very limited run in Montreal and was a hit at the Atlantic Fringe Festival in 2006. Be sure not to miss it as it is only playing for 4 nights this month.

Additional Information:
-Location: Monument National (Le Balustrade) – 1182 St. Laurent (St. Laurent metro)
-Tickets: $15.00
-Ticket Purchase: Monument National Box Office or (514) 871-2224 or

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