The Odd Couple – The First Season

This type of television program only works if the chemistry between the two leads is right on the money and those casting the show should have been given a pat on the back because they probably could not have found two better actors to play the roles. Jack Klugman is so believable as the slobby Oscar and Tony Randall the epitome of metrosexual pickiness as photographer Felix. There probably have not been two roommates who were worse suited for one another, but who gave us more laughs than these two men. Oddly enough the show was not a runaway success until it landed on syndication and then the public could not get enough of Oscar and Felix.

Disc One:
Episode 1: The Laundry Orgy: Trouble strikes when date night for Oscar and Felix lands on the same night as poker night. As usual Felix and Oscar have different ways they want to handle the problem.

Episode 2: The Fight of the Felix: Oscar gets into a bar fight with professional hockey player, Splint McCullough (Richard X. Slattery – Herbie Rides Again, Butterfield 8), and comes out of it with a black eye. Trying to wreak his revenge, Oscar writes an expose of McCullough in his column.

Episode 3: Felix Gets Sick: Oscar has a date with a stewardess on a weekend that he believes that Felix is out of town. In actuality, Felix is at home sick in bed.

Episode 4: The Jury Story: Oscar and Felix remember how they met. They spend time together and eyes are opened to the others habits.

Episode 5: The Breakup: Felix is cleaning and making a lot of noise which is driving Oscar crazy as he has the hangover to end all hangovers. A fight ensues that results in Oscar asking Felix to move out.

Episode 6: Oscar's Ulcer: Felix keeps telling Oscar that he has to change his lifestyle or he is going to ruin his health. Of course Oscar ignores him but during a poker game he experiences racking pain.

Disc Two:
Episode 7: I Do, I Don't: Felix messes up a soon to be married couple's ceremony and he and Oscar then try everything to get them back together.

Episode 8: Oscar the Model: Oscar finds himself as a model for a cologne.

Episode 9: The Big Brothers: Oscar and Felix become Big Brothers, but Felix is frustrated as he tries to instill a little culture into the lad while all he wants to be is just like Oscar.

Episode 10: It's All Over Now, Baby Bird: Felix is distraught over the death of his parrot and wants to find the perfect resting place for it. Oscar just wants to dispose of the body.

Episode 11: Felix is Missing: Felix does not tell anyone that he is off on a photo shoot and so people begin to think that Oscar has killed him.

Episode 12: Scrooge Gets An Oscar: In a dream that is along the lines of A Christmas Carol, Oscar becomes Scrooge after refusing to play the part in a child's play.

Disc Three:
Episode 13: The Blackout: After a blackout, the poker guys believe that Oscar, who is always broke, has stolen fifty dollars.

Episode 14: They Use Horseradish, Don't They?: Felix enters a cooking contest, but things get in the way of him winning it.

Episode 15: The Hideaway: Oscar is trying to negotiate a contract for an Eskimo quarterback while Felix is trying to get him a career as a cellist.

Episode 16: Lovers Don't Make House Calls: Dr. Nancy Cunningham (Joan Hotchkis – appeared in episodes of Bewitched and Charlie's Angels) is filling in for Felix's regular doctor and Oscar falls head over heels for this sports fan.

Episode 17: Engrave Trouble: A gift that Felix was going to give Gloria (Janis Hansen – Airport) is stolen from the jewelers. Oscar convinces him to ask for some help for a less than reputable guy.

Episode 18: Bunny is Missing Down By the Lake: A girls' troop who are lost invade Oscar and Felix's weekend in the woods.

Disc Four:
Episode 19: You've Come a Long Way, Baby: Felix brings home a baby who was left in his studio and this makes Oscar late for a sportswriters' dinner.

Episode 20: A Taste of Money: The fact that their 11-year-old neighbour seems to have $2,000 is driving Oscar and Felix mad.

Episode 21: Oscar's New Life: Oscar is fired because of Felix and he gets a new job writing for a men's magazine.

Episode 22: What Makes Felix Run: After Gloria blows up at him due to his neat fetish, Felix asks Oscar for help curing this obsession.

Episode 23: What Does a Naked Lady Say to You?: Oscar does not know how he is going to tell Felix that his new girlfriend appears naked in a play.

Episode 24: Trapped: Oscar, Felix and Nancy are locked in the basement while getting ready for a costume ball.

Special Features:
-Tony and Jack's Favorite Episodes
-Gag reel
-Tony Randall on The Mike Douglas Show
-1993 Benefit performance of The Odd Couple
-Book tour home videos
-Jack Klugman's comments on winning the Emmy Award

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