Fantasia Film Festival Preview

Even though there are other festivals going on in this busy city on July 3rd people were already lined up at Concordia to buy tickets for Fantasia. That goes a long way towards showing how far this 'genre' film festival has come; it is now the one of the most popular ones in the city. That is saying a mouthful considering we seem to have a different film festival every month in Montreal. Fantasia started out small and has grown in leaps and bounds. This year the number of screens was upped to three from two to accommodate the amount of films and number of people attending. This is great news for all us film buffs because it means more films to watch. It has expanded its focus from anime or fantasy films to incorporate any that fit into the 'genre' category. Now when you attend Fantasia you can see horror, suspense, comedy, and action films as well as anime and fantasy. Fantasia is definitely open to all types of films as there are feature length films as well as shorts in competition for the prizes. It is also truly international in scope as there are films from Canada, U.S., Korea, Japan, and Russia amongst other countries. You'll also have the opportunity to meet many of the people behind the films such as, American director/actor David Arquette, German director Uwe Boll and Danish actor Nicholas Bol. Finally, just in case you think you might get bored while sitting waiting for you film there will be DJs there to play music for your entertainment. These people have thought of everything!

My advice to you would be to pick up the program, which is available for $5 at Concordia University as well as many other locations, and study. Choose your films and then buy the tickets soon after. Films do sell out and you do not want to be disappointed.

Additional Information:
-Venues: Concordia University: 1455 deMaisonneuve West (Concordia Hall Theatre, DB Clarke Theatre) and 1450 de Maisonneuve West (J.A. de Seve Theatre)
-Ticket purchase: Concordia Hall Theatre or
-Ticket price: Individual: $7.50 or Pack of 10: $65.00

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