Conversations With God

Over 7 million copies of the book written by Neale Donald Walsch were sold and it spent 3 years on the New York Times best-seller list. We are not talking about your average self-help book here. Many millions made a connection with Mr. Walsch's words and experiences. The story is autobiographical.

Neale (Henry Czerny – The Ice Storm, Mission: Impossible) is an average middle-class American whose life changes in the blink of an eye. After being involved in a car accident that breaks his neck and leads to much pain and rehab, he finds himself out of a job and broke. Quickly Neale switches from middle-class to eking out an existence on the streets. He is having to eat food out of garbage cans and finding a safe place to sleep each night. With a lack of support or friends and no fair shake getting a job, Neale is angry and his anger turns toward God. He wonders why God would allow this to happen to him. Neale goes so far as to have conversations with God and much to his shock he is able to hear God's answers to his questions. After at first thinking he is going crazy, Neale realizes that he is actually having a dialogue with God. The answer he gets surprises him and he decides to do something with it.

Changing from a down-and-out streetperson to an internationally acclaimed author is not something that happens everyday. Now the cynic in all of us might question the possibility of a human actually having conversations with God, but if we focus on this aspect we are missing the point. The whole idea is that with belief all of us can initiate change in our lives. God gave us free will and we must use it. We are encouraged to look within ourselves for the answers to the questions we have. Hopefully the film will leave you open to the possibilities…your possibilities.

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