Serean Ryder

This is neither your typical cover song album nor your typical album by a young artist. Sounding straight out of the more folky 60s and 70s, Serena Ryder is certainly not what we've become accustomed to (Hello, Britney, Christina, Kelly, etc.) and that is not a bad thing. The girl can certainly sing with her different sounding husky voice she almost sounds like a young Melissa Etheridge at times. What she is able to do is add a fresh new twist to many of these older classic songs all written/performed by fellow Canadians. "Good Morning Starshine", "You Were On My Mind" and "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" have never sounded clearer or more contemporary. Due to her singing style she makes the lyrics very clear and so we learn the words we never knew of the songs we have sung for years. Karaoke bars around the country thank you, Serena! Most importantly it seems as if she is really enjoying herself and singing with a great big old smile on her face. That kind of joy translates into her music and on to everyone listening.

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