Walking Tall – Lone Justice

After cleaning up his hometown of an evil gang of thugs Nick Prescott (Kevin Sorbo – from television's Hercules) has resigned his position as an officer for the county and has now moved on to Dallas where he hopes to build a life with FBI agent Kate Jensen (Yvette Nipar – appeared in episodes of CSI: Miami and Party of Five) and her young daughter, Samantha (Haley Ramm – Into the Wild, XMen: The Last Stand). However, he has a hard time adjusting to life in the big city and doesn't exactly know where he fits in.

Kate is working on a case against a drug lord, but the case falls apart when two key witnesses are killed while they are staying at a Federal Safe House. Nick decides to step in and soon realizes that he is not in small town America anymore. These drug dealers are ruthless. He faces off against a gang banger named Ciro (Jonny Cruz – appeared in television's Saving Jessica Lynch) along with all his men. Even with the help of some locals they are seriously undermanned. Nick finds himself having to break every rule to keep his new family safe.

At the beginning of the film you are encouraged (keep in mind the whole Kevin Sorbo straight-to-video low expectations thing) as it is mindlessly entertaining and then the whole thing goes quickly downhill. In the beginning we get to see that the hulking Sorbo is able to do comedy as the scenes with him in the kitchen cooking wearing an apron are amusing. Maybe our expectations then went up as a result which proves to be fatal. The story becomes quite cheesy and the action scenes are below par. It is too bad as the film showed some promise.

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