The Simpsons Movie

As usual due to his low intelligence and laziness, Homer gets into trouble. The whole town of Springfield has been ordered not to dump anything more in the local river, as it is close to being a toxic cesspool. On his way to dump a silo full of pig poop (Yes, Homer has adopted a pet pig) at a toxic materials facility, Homer receives a phone call from Ralph telling him to hurry over to the donut shop as they are giving free donuts away. Once again letting his stomach rule Homer goes over to the local river and dumps the entire silo in. This turns out to be the straw that broke the camel's back as the river turns into a dangerous waste area that is mutating everything that comes in contact with it.

Once the President Arnold Schwarzenegger (Yes, you read that correctly) finds out he randomly chooses one of the EPA's (environmental protection agency) solutions. The one he picks is to put a huge dome over the entire city of Springfield. This traps all of the citizens inside. They are all furious with Homer and are about to hang all of the Simpsons when baby Maggie shows them a way out. On the other side of the dome the Simpsons are fugitives on the run. Homer convinces them they should move to Alaska. In the beginning it is fun, but the Simpsons learn that the government has decided to blow up all of Springfield, in essence killing everyone they know. Marge and the kids want to go back and save the city, but Homer wants to stay. Will the Simpsons come together as a family or will the entire city of Springfield perish? Stay tuned.

This is probably the most highly anticipated feature length animated film ever and that kind of anticipation comes with high standards. Maybe some people's standards are going to be impossible to meet, but if they took a step backwards they would realize that the film delivers. What we should expect is that the film will be like a longer episode and it is. It is funny, smart and crude. Everything we have come to expect from the dysfunctional family from Springfield, USA.

Due to the fact that it is not facing its usual television restrictions there are quite a few not suitable for young children parts and the film itself is definitely aimed at an adult audience. Coming at a machine gun pace, the laughs are back to back to back. You might miss some as a result of laughing. The only thing that diehards should be prepared for is that many of the supporting characters get little or no screen time. Which is not really a surprise as there are hundreds of characters that have been on The Simpsons and are loved, but there really is not time for them all to be in the film. So no Sideshow Bob and very little Apu, Principle Skinner, etc. The film is a must-see for Simpsons fans or anyone looking for a good laugh.

Special Features:
-Deleted scenes
-Alternate Ending
-The Simpsons Judge American Idol

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