Frank Sinatra: MGM Movie Legends Collection

Not much needs to be said about this legend. Old Blue Eyes was one of the biggest personalities of his time. He sang and acted with the best of them. This collection gives you a nice overview of his acting career.

Guys and Dolls directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz:

Based on a popular Broadway musical, this film tells the tale of two of the most infamous New York City gamblers, Sky Masterson (played by Marlon Brando) and Nathan Detroit (played by Frank Sinatra), who bet on anything under the sun. When an attractive missionary named Sister Sarah Brown (played by Jean Simmons) arrives in their neighbourhood the guys see her as a potential fodder for a bet. Nathan bets Sky a thousand dollars that Sky cannot seduce her. Sky takes the bet but it becomes much more difficult when he finds himself falling in love with her.

A Hole in the Head directed by Frank Capra:

Tony (played by Frank Sinatra) wants to be a big player but it

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