The Great Warming

During the past few years, the environment has taken center stage and has become one of the hottest topics (no pun intended) being discussed around the world. Why? Because it affects everyone who lives on this precious planet of ours. Whether you agree or not that global warming is a serious threat, this documentary will give you a better understanding of the evidence surrounding this phenomenon.

Montreal based filmmakers Michael Taylor and Karen Coshof are the ones behind this fascinating documentary and they got two well-known Canadian stars to guide viewers through the journey. Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves and international singer/songwriter Alanis Morisette narrate us through the visually stunning images seen captured around the globe. Viewers also get to see some of the problems and innovative solutions that select countries are working on to help alleviate the effects of global warming.

"The Great Warming" is a must see for everyone so they can get a better understanding about the state of our world and maybe be inspired to do something to bring about positive changes.

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