K.D. Lang

I would never have believed it but Ms. Lang has been recording for 25 years!! Geez, time flies! In a departure this is the first album in her career that she produced herself. Unlike many other artists who have produced their own work she is quite comfortable with it and seems to bring out the best in herself. This is not ego (I think), it is just the case of an artist who knows what she wants to do and can (technically) make it happen. It is a serene, intimate and beautifully arranged album comprised of 11 tracks written by Lang herself. The album also manages to be a synopsis of her career with a touch of country, jazz, and Latin all in the same recording without sounding a busy mess. Be patient with the album as it is not going to win you over with one listen as it is full of sophistication that will take a couple of listens to appreciate.

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