Part two of interview with Karen Coshof

Second part of a recent interview that Orcasound conducted with Karen Coshof, co-creator and producer of "The Great Warming". We ask her about the challenges making the film, to comment on governments' response to the issue of global warming and what the average person can do.

1. Did you encounter any particular challenges during filming that you would like to share?

When our executive team was in China filming the scene in Mongolia with the nomadic family, we had to bribe them. So to stay put for us in order to film them, I think we gave them three hundred dollars to buy an electric guitar for their kid. Which you think they are nomads right? Why an electric guitar? We had a fellow colleague who warned our crew not to eat what the family was preparing or we would get really sick. So they pretended to eat and apparently existed on Oreo cookies for 3 days. I had a delicious time in New Orleans with that wonderful lady who was talking about the big old Jack Daniel

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